how is your Attitude of Gratitude?

I was noticing that the people I loved,
were missing gratitude in their lives.
I mean, genuine gratitude.
They seemed to complain of most everything,
not appreciating the finer things in life.

I was compelled to feed them some ‘foods for thoughts’.

Years prior, I had heard about the Gratitude Stone.
It could be any stone you might find along the way.
You will know when you find your stone,
for it will ‘call out to you’, it will ‘catch your eye’.

This is how I brought a natural flow of gratitude into my own world.
I still have my Gratitude Stone.
It served its duty.
Now it rests on my dresser,
not needing to hold my hand.

To take gratitude a step further,
I am now grateful for what I do not yet have,
as if it is already here.

Here is how the Gratitude Stone works:

  • Place your Gratitude Stone in your pocket each morning.
  • Every time you touch the stone, think of something to be grateful for. Anything ~ (beautiful day, able to smile, can walk, smelling a rose, etc.)
  • At some point in the day, you will find that stone in your pocket, perhaps reaching for change, or you notice it pressing against your leg – when you do, be grateful for something.
  • At the end of the day, when you empty your pockets, there is the stone… what are you grateful for?
  • At least two times each day, you will be grateful for something.
  • The more ‘mindful’ you become of being grateful, the less often you need the stone.

I went through my box of creative treasures and found a pile of polished gem stones.  I made a list of all the people who were looking for more gratitude in their lives.  Then I carefully selected which gemstone would go to whom. That was the longest process of this whole gift. It had to be the ‘right’ stone for each person.

I crafted cards, laminated them and proceeded to wrap up each stone with card.  Then placed the little package, inside the receiver’s stocking, for Christmas morning.


our stockings
Each year, another stocking or two is added to the mantle, as their family continues to grow and be grateful


This crazy little gift I made,
was the hit of the party.

I was actually
quite surprised.

People thanked me profusely,
for bringing them
into awareness,
of gratitude.

gratitude stones and card
An Attitude of Gratitude

How is your attitude of gratitude?
Are you grateful for the small things in your life?
If not,
you should try it.
You might like it.









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