stress & drama ~ is it fun yet?

Originally posted July 20, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017


: 2012 wave #15

: 2012 wave #16

It was around 2007, I made a conscious choice to reduce the stress and drama in my world.  I spent the prior five years in a highly stressful & dramatic family situation. It was not just the past five years I had turmoil.  The majority of my life contained stress and drama.

I was maxed out!  Done with the dumb stuff. My world had no room for drama and stress.  I would find a way to evict them both!

One major-minor change I made;  ‘choose my battles’.  I selectively decided which situations were really not very important and could be allowed to slide by.

  • Did it really matter that someone put the milk on the second shelf instead of the bottom one?
  • Long checkout lines in the stores made me furious.  Instead of getting angry, [cuz it actually made the lines move slower] I would make small talk with those near me.  Make funny faces at a child in line or play peek-a-boo.  People watch.  Read a magazine, isn’t that why they put them at checkout?

I took a different approach to how I viewed the things that stressed me out.  Was it really worth the effort to get upset?  Did getting upset, solve anything?
I picked my battles.

I started paying attention to what my triggers were.  What stressed me. I made a mental list of all these things.

A huge factor which helped to reduce my stress, was when I quit watching television in 2010.  Not only did it ‘lighten my load’, it generated a lot of free ME time. YAY!

One of my most challenging changes, was to allow everyone to have their own drama and stress. [sounds crazy, huh?] I use to get emotionally involved in other peoples issues.  I felt it and lived it with them. Even when I was not there.

I was living their drama within me. It would churn and roil around inside me. My heart ached for them to find resolve.  And I could do nothing to help them. It was their battle.  I had my own wars. I could do nothing. I had my own issues.  This was their battle. Leave it alone. I had my own to deal with. Let it go. Pick your battles.

In time, there was a reduction of stress and drama in my world.   I noticed my heart calming down.  was relaxing more.  My breathing was less strained.   I no longer felt like I had to, run, hurry, quickly. Go here, do that, get this done, multitask this and that and whoa! I hate that feeling of being rushed. My heart does not like it. My heart? Look at my heart. It is calmer.  I like that feeling. 🙂  My heart knows.

How simple!
All I have to do, is ‘listen to my heart’!
Pay attention to how my heart feels.
Be mindful of my heart.

When it starts to ‘not feel well’, then I know something is not right.
Stop and figure it out.
I did not need ‘mental lists’.
I did not need to ‘know my triggers’.
All I needed to do, was listen to how my heart was feeling.
Keep track of ONE thing; my heart.
How simple……

rensweet heart





  1. I resonate on so many levels with this post. You are correct that getting upset never solves anything. If anything it makes it worse. As much as I think I’m ‘enlightened’ there have been several things lately that have hit my shiny, red button. So I’ve had to dig deeper in getting myself off that inner-complaining and upsetness treadmill. Also lately have been getting too involved or sucked into others dramas. A no no in my book, yet I let it happen several times last week. Dang! I have resolved to let go quicker, bless and release quicker. I love your idea of listening to your heart. The stepping stones that got you to that wonderful, simple solution were getting to know your triggers and making those lists. It’s a process. Give yourself credit for those stepping stones to enlightenment! And, yippee for you for coming up with the ‘heart’ solution. It’s very elegant! Thanks much. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love and appreciate my stepping stones. 🙂 I have slipped off many, along the way.
      That is okay.
      It is like a mistake… I learn and grow.

      Eventually, the slips became further spaced, the stones had more grip and my ‘balance’ became easier to maintain.

      Should I slip off a stepping stone today, I laugh at my clumsiness, recognize ‘how I mis-stepped’ and play in the water for a while. Then I say, “Thank you” as I climb out, allowing the sun/wind to dry me.
      Thank you for your input and interaction. I appreciate it greatly. ren

      Liked by 1 person

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