he KNEW it was not his dog

I know a young man, mid to late 20’s, who felt that all he ever got in the mail, were bills.  My heart went out to him, so I mailed him a special Leap Year Card.

Made from folded computer paper and clippings from magazines and flyers.
Simple, yet thoughtful. {I scratched out names to protect the innocent}

1 front ly dog
(front) Your dog shares the spirit of leap year 2016!


2 inside full ly dog
(inside) Wait! That is not your dog. Happy Leap Year just the same. PS – thought you’d like to get something other than a bill. 🙂


3 back ly dog
(back) renagain originals 2016 _ _ _ _ LeapYear




Next time I saw him, he told me: “When I opened the card, I thought, ‘That is not my dog!‘ Then I read the writing and laughed out loud. Thank you!
I needed that laugh.”
And he gave me a hug.


‘mission accomplished’



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