TSF : texting for seniors

I took advantage of 2016 and made a few Happy Leap Year cards.

My cards are very simple, yet made from love
A piece of my consciousness resides within each card
My card stock is computer paper, folded into quarters
The edge is trimmed in a wavy pattern –
allowing the card to fit into a small envelope and
avoiding the pain of creating a straight line
Artwork are pictures and words cut/torn from magazines and flyers

I have ‘scribbled’ out certain ‘identifying’ words (to protect the innocent)
The back of my cards have my signature card ID
My cards may not always make sense to you
They are designed to have hidden meaning for the receiver

Below each picture, I have re-typed the card message

This card was sent to a friend who is newly into her senior years.
We live across the country from each other and
texting is one of our forms of communication.

Texting for Seniors

1 front Sr Texting
(front) Roses are Red … ….sometimes


2 inside Sr Texting
(inside left)
Texting for Seniors                                         

BFF best friend fell
BTW bring the wheelchair
TTYL talk to you louder

BYOT bring your own teeth
LMDO laughing my dentures out
FWIW forgot where I was

IMHAO is my hearing aid on
OMMR on my massage recliner

ROFLACGU rolling on floor laughing
and can’t get up


3 back Sr Texting
(back) renagain originals 2016 SrTextingLeapYear


  1. You’re right, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but that is not what personalised cards are about. Anyone can go to a gift store and buy a random card, but making one special, with hidden meaning or inside jokes are just so much better. My girlfriend always goes for the self made card, for lots of people it might seem cheap or rough, but in actuality it means so much more for the receiver. A bit off topic, my girlfriend actually had her real birthday this year on the 29th of Feb, and for this special day we always throw her a themed birthday for “her age”, which was 6 this year. Minions all round hehe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for relating so well to my handmade cards.
    I loved the sharing of your girlfriend’s 6th birthday. 🙂 How comical. What fun! I have never ‘met’ a leap year birthed person. Please give her a belated 6th B.day hug from me. And thank you for your interaction. I appreciate hearing things like you shared. ‘Off topic’ can be awesome. ren


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