Is that my purse, or are you just happy to see me?

She was working on a project at her home computer, when she began to feel hungry. Her roommate was gone, it was just her and her two dogs.  She got up to go fix herself some food.

While she was cooking, her cell phone sounded.  She reached in her pocket to retrieve the message.   She was shook up, to view a picture of her purse, on her cell phone.
She knew it was her purse!
It was black and resting on the floor, against her desk….
she just saw her purse in her bedroom, while she was working on the computer.
It was HER purse!
Someone must be in her bedroom!
They took a picture and sent it to her.  Her heart was racing.

She turned off the stove and the television.
Only one of her two dogs would announce an intruder and he was getting deaf.  Besides, he was laying next to the TV, which was on, preventing him from hearing anything.

She started to walk down the hallway to her bedroom and stopped!

What am I doing? she thought to herself.
I am home alone, nearly 70 years old and walking to, where?
I need to call someone.  I need to notify someone of what is happening.
But who?  The neighbor!
Yes!  She dialed the neighbors….and there was No answer.
Now what?  Who do I call now?
The police? Yes, the police!

She dialed the police.

She had both dogs with her, outside on the porch, when two officers arrived.  She filled them in on the situation and for the life of her, could NOT retrieve the cell phone picture of her purse.  She could not find the evidence for the police!  She was hoping they did not think she was a crazy old lady.

The police announced themselves and entered her home, with flashlights and guns drawn.

After their search, they returned to where she stood on the porch.
There was no one in that house.
She was relieved and yet feeling kind of small, not to mention, baffled!

After the police were gone and she was back inside, she looked on her phone for that picture.  And of course, she found it.  She looked at it again and THAT was her purse on the floor, next to her desk.
There was no words in the subject line, only several fwd.’s.

Further exploration lead to discovering that the picture came from a dear friend, three states away from her.
How could that be?
She quickly called her friend and learned that the friend had just made a purse.  She was so excited with how well it turned out, she had to quickly send out a picture.  The purse just happened to be identical.  The friend had no idea.

Taking a ‘closer’ exam of the cell phone picture, she could now see that the purse actually sat on a little wooden bench, next to her friend’s own wooden desk.

Is that wild?  That is a true story that happened recently, to a friend of mine.
Do you have something similar to share? I would enjoy reading about it.
Thanx, ren



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