I k(No)w Worry Now

G.ma was staring out the window, watching as each stray vehicle, trudged through the heavy falling snow.  The storm was not expected to be this severe.  Michigan weather can be unpredictable at times. Her son, Ford, was driving across state, for a weekend visit.  G.ma was worried sick for his safety, as she let out another heavy sigh.

“G.ma, relax.  You know Ford is a good driver,” as I attempted to ease her concerns.

“This storm is horrible!” G.ma was pointing at the snow filled sky. “He should have stayed home and not try to drive here tonight.  He could visit another time, when it is not storming.”  G.ma was relentless with her worrying.

Poor g.ma, her heart did not need the added stress.  I could feel her anxiety rise, as each gust of snow-filled wind, swept past the window, causing her to shudder.

I was not being heartless when telling her to ‘relax’.  I could empathize with how she was feeling.  There was a time when I use to worry about some of the craziest things.  Believe me, I could worry.  I once lived in the World of Worry. It was not fun!

  • If you have ever been a ‘worrier’, then you know what I am referring to.
  • If you are not one who tends to worry, then there is no need for me to try and explain. You just would not ‘get it’.  It is not of your ‘vibration’ and that is okay.

You see, I Know Worry and I No Worry Now.  I feel that worry is a ‘negative energy’ and it weighs heavy on my heart.  My heart is my ‘measuring stick’ in life.  I use my heart, not my brain, to guide me through my world. When things ‘hurt my heart’, I take a step back, before it gets to deep and ‘re-balance’ my heart center.


I hear g.ma fretting again….”I wonder if he has eaten?  The poor dear, his back is probably hurting from having to drive in these tense weather conditions.”

{I find myself ‘feeling’ into g.ma, from my heart and not saying a word….breathe g.ma, relax g.ma, I love you g.ma, Ford is fine, relax, all is well g.ma, breathe}

“Ford worked all day. The poor guy must be exhausted.” G.ma is still at it. “Why didn’t he just wait and drive in the morning?  The roads would be better by then, the sun would be up.”

{breathe g.ma, relax g.ma, I love you g.ma, breathe, relax, breathe}

“OH! I hope he has not gotten in an accident.  You know how those other drivers can be!  Always in a rush and they get careless.  Next thing you know, they are spinning out of control and….”

“G.ma!  Stop!  You are the one spinning out of control,” I empathized as I walked over and gave her a comforting hug. She had just completed the ‘circle’ from when I had first mentioned, ‘Ford is a good driver.’

fence snow

I knew that if I tried to distract g.ma, to get her mind on something else, the ‘worry’ would underline the distraction.  Then the ‘worry battle’ would intensify, because she would feel she had to worry MORE, to compensate for being ‘distracted’ from the horrible road conditions and not worrying about her son.

If you have never been to the World of Worry, don’t go. Speaking from my own experiences, worry can become a horrific raging battle that spirals within yourself. A living nightmare. Literally!

I love g.ma and would never try to upset her. However, I knew the best thing to do was:

  • to simply confront her with the ‘worry’
  • to speak open and honestly of the ‘worry’
  • to get her to take a good hard look at the ‘worry’

In being direct, this allows g.ma the ability to experience the ‘worry’ from another point of view. In doing so, it reduces her level of anxiety, because the situation has ‘changed’.  Many times, she will stop the ‘worrying’ all together, because the situation became nonsensical. G.ma could no longer see the sense of ‘worrying’.

“Listen to yourself, g.ma. You say that our hearts are connected.  So why are you sending Ford all those harsh vibes?  Why do you want him to have such a hard drive here, with a painful back, starving, fatigued and dodging cars that are spinning out of control?”, I ask inquisitively.

“Oh stop!” G.ma chides me. “I am just worried about him.  He worked long hours bef…”

“G.ma.  How does your worry help Ford?”, I calmly asked.

“It doesn’t help him,” she nearly scolded at me.

“And your worrying is helping you, how?”, I jokingly asked.

G.ma gives out one huge sigh, “You’re right. My worrying really is not helping matters. But I am so concerned.”

“Well,” I casually suggest, “instead of fretting the worse case scenarios, putting yourself into fear and causing your heart to race…  try visualizing Ford having a relaxed, non-eventful drive here, as he listens to the CD you got for his birthday. Remember, if Ford is hungry when he gets here, he is a big boy now and I bet he can fend for himself…with a little help from your fridge and cupboards,” I wink.  G.ma gives me one of her deep heartfelt hugs.  Ahhh… G.ma is so special!




  1. I like your example of the fear and worry being *projected forward* to that person instead of calm centered love. **Because I can see from that example to NOT do that!** 😉 It’s one thing to send love or tell someone to do that. But it’s another thing to point out that instead of love, they are sending forward bad energy. That’s a great reason to STOP the worrying! And easier to see that love is the way to go. It’s a great reminder for me, a big worrier (working on that), to not be so fearful, and ‘flip it’ to good. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I am elated you find benefit from my sharings.
      Many years ago, one of my kids used the “worry being projected forward” tactic on me. Got my attention. Kids will say the darndest things and I am so grateful. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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