she asked for Masculine; I will show her Manly

I enjoy following  Idle Emma at Puddle Side Musings and she is anything but idle. She is very crafty, creative and fun.

She recently posted her homemade Father’s Day / Masculine Birthday Cards. I was very attracted to the concept that they could be used for most any masculine occasion.

I have made my own greeting cards over the years.  Nothing that compares to what Idle Emma offers.  My cards are more…. hmmm…. rustic ? shall we say?

At the end of Idle Emma’s post, she asks if there are other card makers out there with tips for masculine card making.

You know me, I chose to ‘raise my hand’ (oh, me, me…I do, I make em) and post a ‘comment’….

I make interesting ‘man cards’… mine are more comical or humorous, for the most part.  They do not compare to your creations. (she really does beautiful work)

And another synchronistic moment just unveiled itself.  I have been working in the ‘background’, preparing some of my handmade crafts (crafty gifts I have given away) for display on my site.  I was vacillating as to what approach I might take and was quite uncertain.  So I put it on idle (pun intended) and went about doing something else. I knew the resolve would eventually show itself.

And sure enough…Idle Emma’s Masculine card making post was what I was needing.

*> < *  > < *  >   < *  > < *  >   < *  > < * ><*

My ‘crafty creations’, whether cards or gifts, are made with what ever I find laying around.  I put a lot of love and thought into every item I create.  They are usually custom made for a person  and tend to hold special hidden meanings for that person.  I put a special code on the back of all.  I call my line of cards:

renAgain Originals

Thank you to Idle Emma over there on her Side of the Puddle as I present a manly Christmas card I created.

The card stock is computer paper, folded into quarters. To avoid the hassle of a perfect straight cut, I trim the edge of the card in a wavy pattern, so it will fit into a small envelope. The ‘artwork’ is from those seasonal flyers we often get in the mail.

This card was created for a friend of mine, Jim.  He is an avid hunter/fisherman, rarely needing to buy meat from the store. I always joke that he is ‘the mighty hunter’.  This card reflects the possible consequences to a hunter.

A generic card front:

1 front x jim grill
“Very Merry!”


Inside card on the left side:

2a inside l x jim grill

Inside the card on the right side:

2b inside r x jim grill

My signature ‘coding’ on the back:

3 back x jim grill
renAgain originals #00240xmas2015Jim322

The numbers do not always have meanings in my code and the words almost always do.

Silly and simple as the cards may be, people love getting them, I love making them.

Thank you, ren



  1. Love it! Always great when you can put a real personal touch to something, makes it all the more special.
    Also love your idea of trimming the edge in a wavy pattern, it can be so hard to cut straight lines!

    Liked by 1 person

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