Grrr Tree and me

October is a wonderful time of year in Michigan.  Fall colors abound.  Air is cooling down, preparing for the cold of winter nights.  Mid October, 2014, is when Grrr Tree and I met.  As with most of my tree friends, Grrr remained elusive until just the right moment for me to spot him.

On this particular day, the clouds were heavy, winds calm; great day for a walk in nature.

Rarely do I walk without my camera. A very special camera I received from Dean (if you have not met Dean, you will).  It meant the world to him, for me to take pictures with this camera.  It now means the world to me and warms my heart, with every click I take.  This camera will click with me to its unclickable end.

nice grrr meet day 10.15.14
wonderful October day for a walk in nature

I love, love, love to be out in nature.  Often, I will take my shoes off and continue walking sock footed.  That allows me direct contact with Gaia, Mother Earth.  My shoe material, ‘insulates’ me from ever touching the ground.

I am a firm believer that at least 10 minutes of direct contact with Gaia daily, contains many health benefits for us.  I will write more about that at another time.

grrr tree meed day fall 10.15.14

Right now, I am walking in nature on this beautiful mid October day.  I was loving the scenery and the crispness in the air.  The scurrying of leaves was most likely a chipmunk running about.  The calling of birds has decreased as they migrate south.  There was plenty of croaking at the pond, which amazed me.

I mindfully walk and discover creations of nature. Finding the oddities in nature can be exciting.  Like a tree which might grow around and engulfed a fence wire or anything in its way.  Or the simple growth pattern of fungus.

shrooms on grrr day meeting 10.15.14

I am not one to wear a watch, carry a cell phone or any other device to tell the time. I knew how long I had been out and it was time to head home again.  As I rounded the last bend in my path, Grrr Tree boldly stood forth and announced himself.

1 first see grrr tree 101514
Grrr Tree rarely smiles and that is okay.  He is compassionate.


As he peeked through the branches of his neighbors, Grrr did his best to be ‘cheerful and upbeat’, which was quite a task for him.  He did well.  I was not afraid.  Grrr Tree and I laughed and chatted quite a while.  I thanked him, saying we would meet again. He assured me that he knew I passed his way often.  I grinned, he sent a few leaves flailing my way.

I will miss Grrr Tree.  We now have hundreds of miles between us, with my recent move.  We did have many fantastic times together, creating wonderful memories.

Thank you for reading, ren


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