how Smiley Tree trailed into my world

I have met and made friends (solid friendships) with some of the most interesting trees. You would not think of a tree as having a personality, at least I never did. How wrong I was!

This is my story of how I met Smiley Tree. I discovered him, several miles into the woods of northern Michigan.

I was walking a new area of land, when I started hearing something.  It was … ? running water?  So I hunted around until I found the source.  It was a newly made creek, flowing through the woods, creating its winding course in time.

What amazed me, was how small it was and yet how loud the water tried to roar.  This little creek was powerful, as it cut around and drowned out trees in its path.  Eroding grass and plants along the way, not to mention the Earth.

Obviously, I had no idea how long this water had been flowing this route. I did discover what was creating all the sound of running water; this creek had created a tiny waterfall to play in.


I was mesmerized by this little, yet powerful water flow.  I could not help myself, I had to sit down near the creek and take in the sounds while I ate my lunch.  Birds kept me company and I could hear a deer, nearby.

As I further explored that area of land, I discovered several other tiny new bodies of water.  I must say, this was one of my more relaxing and enjoyable nature walks in a while. And then it happened.  I spotted Smiley Tree gazing at me and grinning from ear to ear (if trees had ears)

smiley tree october 2013

Do you see him?  See his big ole eyes?  His left one has a deformity which gives him character, I feel.  He is so friendly.  What about that huge nose he sports?  Better than Jimmy Durante’s snout ever was.  And just look at those arms.  All stretched out, waiting for a hug.  He is very kind and loving.  You can tell, can’t you?

Here is a highlighted version of Smiley Tree, to show his features

smiley tree oct 2013
Smiley Tree outlined in orange

Smiley Tree

soon became my second most

favorite tree.

Over the next few years, I often walked out to the new little creek to eat my lunch and relax.  Then I’d stroll over and greet Smiley Tree with a hug.  As he aged, his smile began to fade, but he managed to keep his arms stretched out strong like.  I am grateful for all the moments I spent with Smiley Tree.  Now I live hundreds of miles away and may not ever see him again.


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