Ever ignore the ‘nudge’ from within ? And then what happened ?

He drove into town before work, needing a few items from the store.  He was about a block away from home when his car became very loud.  He thought about turning back, but his gut urged him on.  He wanted to get this car noise taken care of today and at a reasonable cost.

As he neared the town, he came upon an auto repair shop that he was not familiar with.  Their sign got his attention, ‘Fix it now. Pay later.’  He chose to pass it by and drive to his usual auto mechanic shop.

When he got there, the shop was in the process of closing for the day and there was no time to look at his car.  Based only on what was described, the auto shop felt it would be a major issue, with an expensive fix.  He thanked them, got a reference for a shop that may be open and drove on.

Rather than accepting their ‘bad news hunch’ and giving up,  he drove off to the shop they recommended.  As he pulled in the parking lot, the shop looked to be… not very busy.  He got out of the car, scurried up to the door and found it locked.  The shop was closed.

Once again, he turned to head back to his car and ‘felt into’,  “where should I go to next?”  His gut was telling him, he should keep trying.  Besides, deep down inside, he knew he would find the resolve that he was after.  He knows from experience, that synchronicity IS how life really works. But you can’t just stand around and wait for something to happen.  So, he got back into his ‘noisy’ car and drove to find another garage.


This is Pedro, a life long family friend.  He shared this chain of events with me.  He is in his mid 20’s and an inspiration.  Over ten years ago, Pedro told me, “Time is an illusion”.  That statement, along with a few others, has helped to spur me along on this exploration of life. He has always been very wise and is a grand teacher.  I learn much from him.


As I was saying, Pedro soon found another auto mechanic shop and pulled in.  He could see activity inside and quickly went to the door.  There was one man there and he was busy closing shop for the day.  They conversed as to what the car’s issue might be. The mechanic said he’d take a quick look at it.

Pedro had spied a gorgeous old Rolls Royce in the shop.  He asked, “Would it be okay if I took pictures of that old Rolls Royce?  It is sweet!”  The mechanic said, “Sure. It’s a 1977 Silver Wraith II.”   So Pedro snapped shots, as the mechanic inspected his car.

royce face

Before long, the mechanic had his verdict.  It had to do with the exhaust and was a minor fix.  “I can patch it for $20,” he told Pedro.

“I only have five bucks on me right now,” Pedro replied, which was true.

“I’ll do it for five, but it will only be a temporary.  You need to get it fixed soon,” the mechanic informed him.  Before long, Pedro was driving off in his quiet car, to complete his tasks before work.  He grins to himself, knowing he fulfilled his vision.

rr nose              rr round

As he was driving home, it dawned on him;  The auto shop that helped him, was the first auto shop he passed as he came into town. The “Fix it now. Pay later” shop.

He had gotten a ‘nudge’ from within. “Look! Sign! Stop!” And he chose to ignore it. And that is okay.  Everything worked out, as he knew it would. The probabilities are endless and the travel  is divine.

So I would like to ask my readers, what synchronistic events have you experienced?  We use to call them, coincidences.  🙂

Thanx for your input, ren




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