You just died! . . . Now what?



What happens when we die?

Is there life after death?

What about life after life?

Is there a heaven and hell?

Do you know?

Do you really know ? or are you forming your belief, based on what you have heard over time?

I feel there is no living person who really knows what happens after death.  I mean, how could they?  They are alive.  Not dead.

What about a Near Death Experience (NDE) you may ask?  Yes, many people have had an NDE and shared their experiences with us.  I enjoy reading the accounts, they are fascinating.  Remember though, it is a near-death experience being shared.  The person who is sharing it, is alive.  Not dead.

Think about it, there could be a huge difference between actual death and near-death.

  • Maybe death is much grander than we could ever imagine
  • Maybe death is simply waking from a dream
  • Maybe it is as plain as ‘non-existence’
  • Maybe no one really knows for sure

Who knows?  I don’t.

I personally have concluded that I will find out what death is all about, when I die.  Why fret about it now ? and lose precious ‘now’ moments?   I do hold my own ‘beliefs’ of what happens after we die.

red cross left

My beliefs on death and dying may be a bit different than yours or maybe not. We will see.

  • Death is easier than birth
  • There is actually no such thing as death, it is a transition
  • The human ‘body’ is simply a ‘vessel’, used to experience life on Earth
  • The body wears down in time and stops working
  • Upon death, I will ‘go home’ and leave the vessel behind
  • I can choose to incarnate as a human on Earth, or not

and What do you believe?

My friends and I have conversed about death and what it might be like, while they approached their own ‘end days on Earth’.  As each of them got closer to ‘the end’, they became less fearful, calmer and more accepting of death.  They seemed to have a ‘knowingness’, which words could not convey.  Our hearts were connected, the words were not needed. We knew.

I had asked each of my dying friends to ‘contact’ me after they died (what ever that means).  To this day, not one of them has ‘appeared’ before me.  Yet, I felt each of them ‘hug my heart’, during some point of their transition.

the book

Science has been searching for answers to the infamous question, ‘What happens after we die?’  Recent research is getting closer to unveiling, what happens to us when we are dead?  The Max Planck Institute, Cambridge University and others are discovering that our ‘consciousness’ continues to exist, after the body has died.

What a  fresh perspective … ‘our consciousness continues to exist’; rather than ‘life after death’.

How about you?  Are you comfortable enough to discuss this topic?  What are your beliefs on death and dying?  I’d enjoy hearing how people feel about this.

thanx, ren



  1. Wow ren quite a question, yes it’s true science is begin to prove that our conscious lives on, I flat lined at age 18 and it was a beautiful, peaceful and wonderful experience, not many people understand me when I try to explain what happened maybe one day I’ll share it over the blog, at least here we a community that’s open minded. But you raise very relevant questions, what do we really know about death? I totally enjoyed reading the blog today.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanx, I am grateful you enjoyed my writing. You are right, this is the place to share your experience of flat lining. Those who have no interest, will not read. Those, like me, who would love to learn of your experience, will read. And you will be blessed with finally being able to share and perhaps, helping others. It is a win/win, I feel. I look forward to the day when you are ready to share. thanx


    • Hi, thank you for your comment. Forgive my delay. Have been away. I look forward to exploring your blog and the post you refer to. I am now beginning my return to blogging. Look forward to more interactions with you. ren

      Liked by 1 person

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