i mailed a snail & it was delivered

Look at what I wrote!  … i mailed a snail.  I did not mail a snail.  That would be silly.

I handwrite letters and snail mail (U.S. Mail) them for both personal and business occasions.  My callused fingers are a reflection of how I hold my writing tools.

I believe a handwritten letter, has a personal touch/feel about it.  Both in creating and receiving of a letter.  I feel that when a letter is ‘heart-written’, a part of the writer (a piece of their consciousness) embeds into that letter.  Perhaps forever!?.

My letters are a creation.   I do not just ‘sit down and write’.  When ‘something’ in my world, brings ‘someone’ to my attention, I am inspired to write to that person.

Receiving a letter from someone also promotes the beginning of a letter.  I will ‘recap’ their letter and respond completely to it, as the opening to their next letter.

Using snail mail for correspondence, mirrors the days of the ‘Pony Express’.  A month or more can easily go by before receiving a reply.  Tis easy to forget what you wrote to the person.

Letter writing is ongoing for me. There are often several letters being composed at the same time.  I will set a letter aside, waiting for the next ah-hah “letter worthy” moment.

I start the paragraph with the date, when I ‘continue’ with their letter.  It can take me days/weeks, to compose a letter for snail mail.

I will admit, several, several (I did not stutter) years ago, I got away from ‘handwriting’ letters. I had a new fangled word processor.

Typing had benefits:

  • I could ‘erase’ typos, when I found them
  • Typing was much quicker
  • The font was smaller, used less paper
  • I knew everyone could read it

In time, along came the computer and printer.  Wasn’t I getting fancy?  Now I could do all kinds of graphics and cool stuff to my letters, not to mention – there was now, email.

I enjoyed communicating in those electronic fashions for a good number of years.  However, something was missing.  I was beginning to feel deprived of …  ? something.   How odd and yet, I knew.

One day, I had the strongest urge to handwrite a letter. So I did.  What I experienced during the course of writing that one letter, was an eye opener.

No, it was a ‘reality shock’!

I was ‘shocked’ to discover ‘no delete key AND no auto spellcheck’.

I am serious!  I felt it!  Like a ‘panicky lost’ sensation, “Where did it go?”

Followed by the realization, “I was now responsible for spelling?”   How technology dependent I had become! Was I becoming a cyber-junkie?

Oh, and not to mention the various aches and pains my body barked at me during and after that writing.

Perhaps that is why I space my letters out, writing only a little at a time.

What about you? or am I the only ‘old fashioned’ one here?

  • do you handwrite & mail letters
  • have you ever gotten a letter from a child who was too young to write
  • do you own any postage stamps and do you know where they are
  • do you feel a handwritten letter holds a piece of its writer’s consciousness

Thank you, ren





  1. As a child, when I received a gift, my Mom gave me the option to either call or write a thank you. I didn’t like talking on the phone (still don’t) so I always opted for the note writing. To this day I write thank you notes for gifts and other gestures.
    Most of our nieces and nephews write thank you notes, too. The littlest one just wrote, “I put it in my bank ocownt.” : )

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    • I just went back and reread it. I believe I have read all your posts, aside from the TV based one, which was foreign language to my eyes. 🙂 (am not a TV viewer) Has been fun following you.

      I now ‘recall’ seeing your ‘point 2 entry in your 3rd aside’, thanx for the redirect. For what ever reason, I did not retain it for long. However, I am quite sure it somehow fed into the creation of this post. Thanx, ren

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