HEY to my readers (plus) “2012 wave” UPDATE

Originally posted July 5, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017



: 2012 wave #13
: 2012 wave #14

cosmic 336
cosmic clouds in Western Michigan

Hey readers…I miss you all greatly.  Feels like weeks, has only been days.

My last post, PS to my readers, informed you that “Branching Out” was not ‘feeling up to par’ and would go under construction.

Today, we are excited to begin interacting with you again.  We missed you bunches!  The construction equipment is now gone from Branching Out.  Most all debris is cleared.  Some changes have already taken place.

We have been enjoying this re-creation of Branching Out.  Thank you to those who peeked in occasionally to glimpse the progress.  These are exciting times for Branching Out and myself, ren.

To recap the life of Branching Out:

  • June was the beginning
  • blogs were of random topics
  • a steering towards “riding the 2012 wave” became apparent
  • readers appeared interested in the 2012 surf
  • by the last week of June, something happened to the heart of Branching Out

ren (me) was feeling like I was cowering under many dark clouds. My blogging experience was turning gloomy.  Writing became…. mechanical.  I was being dragged down as I retold/relived my story.

I was beginning to re-experience  my old ‘victim lifestyle’ (that was a surprise).  But more than that, I was not being true to me.

I knew something had to change. I did not like how I was feeling. I felt like a liar. A fake. A fraud.

So, I did what I do best.  I stopped.  I took a step back, a deep breath (or 3) and ‘felt’ into the situation.  From my heart, not my head.  I was not worried.  I knew all would turn out as it should.

I did not feel that way, four years ago, when I first attempted blogging.  Back then, I chose to quit when I hit a ‘road block’.  I got frustrated. I knew I could not do it.  Blogging was for others.

I cannot do that today.  It is not who I now am.

July was the ‘pausing’ of Branching Out and reconstruction began.  We cleaned up the dark clouds, hung a few new pictures, added some words. It is our new beginning, small as it may be.  We (ren and Branching Out) have chosen to allow Branching Out to develop naturally, as we proceed forth.


* * * * UPDATE – “riding the 2012 wave” UPDATE * * * *

As for our series, “riding the 2012 wave”,  we are working on revamping its presentation.   Our intentions are to bring the series back, in an enlightened format.  We will then use the readings of the readers, to guide its course.

I am deeply touched by the loyalty of readers who have chosen to stay with us, while Branching Out and I, re-construct.

And, I am extremely ‘moved’ by the new readers who chose to ‘follow’ Branching Out, while we were under construction.  Thank you!

I am grateful to all our readers, for believing in us.  That is very special!







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