PS to my readers

My one month anniversary

at WordPress

recently came

and went.

Guess what?

It is evaluation time!


The truth is,

I do not like how my blog makes me feel.

My heart is not happy.


I have been writing from ‘who I was’,

and that is NOT who I am.

This must change!

I am now officially under construction and

will have this mess cleaned up soonly.


PS to my readers – You are the bestest.

I have learned much from of you.

Although my posts may be random and sparse,

I will remain part of this community,

as long as you care to stick around.

You are GREAT!

Heck – I wouldn’t be here now, if it weren’t for you!

Thank you for caring,

~ ren



  1. One of my favorite quotes might add some perspective. I have started to live by this too. Have fun rebuilding!

    “We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience.”
    — George Washington

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    • Very nicely put, Pulkit! 🙂
      However, now I feel, depending on the ‘point of view’ one chooses for recalling the ‘past’, could complicate Washington’s quote. Not to mention, ‘memory fades with time’, as they use to say, which in itself, is no longer a valid saying.
      thanx, ren

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