to walk amongst the dead

I enjoy walking through cemeteries.

Do you ever do that?

a stately Beech Tree umbrella’s this cemetery view

I find the atmosphere to be very peaceful and relaxing.

a wonderful slumber


The clock stands still, as I wander about.  Hours become minutes.  Time melds…. I love when that happens.

Cemeteries tend to carry a stigma of darkness and evil about them.  People may view them as sad, depressive and even morbid.  Most would not even think of setting foot inside a cemetery, aside from attending a funeral.  Not me.

When I come upon a cemetery, I look for the oldest section.  That is where I want to start and generally do not pay much attention to the newer plots.  There is something about ‘the older, the better’, that draws me near, as I search for the first to have been laid to rest.

the forgotten
nearly lost in time


I like that most people will not venture into a cemetery, just to ‘browse’.  This ‘vacancy’ of human, allows for the company of others.


a joyful greeter
a joyful greeter

It warms my heart as I gaze upon all the love inside this burial land.

garden of love
garden of love


Take a closer look… Isn’t that peaceful and inviting, not to mention, thoughtful and creative?  I wanted to sit and visit.

peaceful company


The wildlife also captures my heart as they keep company of the dead and comfort the living.


a curious deer

Oh, and this next lil’ guy … he might be blind.  That does not deter him from staying to fulfill his quest.


blind bunny


And once in a while, I come upon the unique and it captivates me.

…should have moved the car


Do you do this?  Visit a cemetery just to visit?  Certainly I am not alone.  Some of my friends love to  join me.  Others pass, it is not for them and that is okay.

How do you feel about cemeteries? Please leave a comment, I am curious. Thanx 🙂





  1. I like them & I do visit them. It is pleasant. It’s a place of monuments for those who lived & went where they went once their bodies expired.


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