I rode that 2012 Wave, right into Life!



2012 wave #9
2012 wave #10

I was a rookie, taking the plunge to ride that 2012 Wave.  The energies were changing, as we more fully experienced our shift in consciousness.  Why I chose to climb onto that wave, was based on my bestest friend, Sarah.  She just lost her mother! Six months prior, Sarah had become acquainted with the wheelchair that would assist in her own recovery.   Her mother just died, Sarah was alone and in dire need of a hug.  Without giving it another thought, I packed my bag to go stay with Sarah a few days, while she acclimated to living without her mother.

And, after ‘not giving it another thought’…. I gave it some thought.


I was trying to figure out my own life.  I had no business traipsing off right now (my ego told me).  I was in the process of moving.  I had a deadline, a schedule to keep. (nagging ego)  No time to take off and … (my ego prodded on and on and on).  I started to fret and teeter on the brim of ”worry”.   “What was I going to do?”


There it is!  I almost did not recognize my “sign” to stop.  It’s that rushed, panicky, lost ‘feeling’ that I use as my “measuring stick” in life.  When things ‘hurt my heart’ (like what just happened) I choose to STOP and calm my heart.  Literally stop what I am doing and ‘regroup’.

I stop.  (deep breath)  Take a step back or remove myself.  (deep breath)  Relax.  Be still.  Slow the breathing.  (deep breath)  When my heart feels happy, then I feel relaxed and it is time to reassess the situation (I see the word, ass)… (and quiet the ego)

What just happened?  I flip-flopped like a ‘fish out of water’.  I was going to Sarah’s one moment and arguing with myself, the next. A bit counterproductive?

Obviously, the key phrase here is, “Without giving it a second thought”.

When people say to me, “What am I going to do?!?” — — My first response is, “What do you yearn to do?  That strong desire is your heart talking and tugging at ya. We should listen to our heart.”

It was now my turn, to heed to my own words.  I packed my bags, made the needed arrangements and drove west.  Sarah was waiting for our hug.




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