is death and dying for you?




:2012 wave #8

To pull myself out of the grips of depression, from the loss of my mother, I looked for a job.  I had committed to myself, to take the first job that came my way.  That job was at a nursing home.   Death and dying was what I was wanting to get away from.  I was quite surprised to even be considering this job, however, I was committed.   I called it irony and stayed to see what it had to teach me.

I learned a lot from that job in the nursing home.  There was an unwritten rule, “No one dies alone!”  We took turns sitting, with those who were dying.

A kind, middle aged charge nurse trained me how to sit with a dying person.  I watched as she held their hand, sponged their forehead, gently rubbed their back, etc…. while all along, she would gently talk to them and tell them it was okay to let go.  They had nothing to fear. She was there with them if they needed anything.

At first, I was floored!!!  It caught my breath.   I thought she was trying to make them die.  As I observed, I began to understand.  People tend to fear death.  This nurse was simply comforting the person, so they could relax and choose what was best for themselves.  I eventually took on a similar technique, never fathoming I would ever apply it in my world.




  1. Love this post. I know death is one of people’s biggest fears. I’m starting to understand why.

    I personally don’t fear death and don’t even see it as an end. At the same time, that doesn’t mean if I was dying right now that I would just give up. I’ll be writing about this eventually.

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