Not another ant…. Ugh!

It is that time of year in Michigan where ants want to enter the home, in search of food.  Does not take much to feed an ant.  The tiniest dropped crumb can become a feast for the little guys.

As I understand it, a scout ant or ants, will enter the home in search of food.  If found, they return to their colony, telling all where to feast.  Should the scout ant not return to the colony, then that is a sign that the rest of them should not venture forth.

Perhaps I am giving the little ant too much credit for being so wise.  A scout ant? Really?  Well, I did not go and research it, that is simply what I have heard over the years.  This brings to mind an ant episode some years ago.


I had gone away for a couple days.  Upon returning home, my teenage son informed me that we have ants in the kitchen.  Ants were everywhere!

“What are we going to do, mom?”, he asked.

My simple reply was, “Watch them.”

He thought I was kidding.  “Watch the ants?  We need to get rid of them! I can’t find any ant spray”

“We do not need ant spray.”, I assured him.  “Just watch the ants.  See where they are going.  They are in the house because they found a food source.  Watch the ants, see where they are going and they will lead you to the food source.  Remove the food source and you have won over half  the battle.”

So, we started watching the ants.  Before long, they led us to a potato chip that had fallen behind the microwave.  We got rid of the chip.  Got rid of the ants.  Kept the counter wiped down with vinegar and before long, no more ants. And no toxic chemicals needed.



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