where he parked, said a lot

It was near the end of April in northern Michigan.  The winds were bitter cold, whipping off Lake Michigan.  We stepped inside a local eatery, inquiring of their menu.  They did not have what we were seeking.  As we neared the door to leave, we paused to bundle up for the weather outside.

I saw him watching me from the booth he was seated at.  The clothes he wore were, different than most and he was not a bit shy to start up conversation.   He kindly asked if we were finding what we were looking for in town.  He assured us that he knew the town quite well and could be of service to us, should we have any questions.  He knew the best current store sales, events and much more.

He was a very kind, older gentleman.  Wanting to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.  [We could use more people like him]

I thanked him for the wonderful information and assured him that we were all set.  We knew exactly where we were headed.

He was a talkative fellow.  He talked on and on as we bundled up to challenge the winds once more.

As the door closed behind me, I saw where he had parked.

I then realized who I was talking to.  He DID know the town well, perhaps better than most.  He was like a human billboard for the village; engaging customers  and guiding them to explore other merchants.  He is a proud soul with much love and compassion for others.

I loved where he parked and snapped a quick shot as we walked past.  We headed north, into the wintry spring winds.

his cart


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