2012 wave: In the beginning, was Belief!

Originally posted June 24, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017



: 2012 wave #4

Let’s get started with my journey.
I am not sure where to start.
Seems to me, where ever I choose to ”begin”,
I can think of something before that time,
which creates a new beginning.
(you should do like before and not do anything, whines ego)

Let’s begin with ‘Beliefs’.

My beliefs have changed over the years.

Have you ever examined your beliefs?

Ever stop and ask yourself,
“Why do I believe in the things I do”?

Have you ever made a conscious choice to change a belief?

Here is the belief I came from:

“You’re born.
You live. You die. 
Big Deal / So What? 
Let’s get on with it!”

tornadic-cloud-roll.jpgphoto by ren

I felt alone in the world.
I virtually had no family.
Was working a dead end job.
I felt worthless, useless.
I was tired and done with life.
(so sit on the couch, turn on the TV
and stop this blog crap, ego encourages)

Bring on the end.
I’m ready!

I was not suicidal.
I simply wanted my end-days to reach me, soonly.

Living the “Let’s get on with it!” life-mode, took a LOT of energy.
I did not know it at the time.
We rarely do. (you were comfy then…
you should go back to it, encourages ego)

I have since changed that belief
and am ‘literally a different person’.
(you are boring now, shouts ego)

I now know, things happen for a reason.

Today, I seek the positive in everything,
regardless of how it may first appear.
I approach all that I say, do or think, with good intent.
I live by compassionate action.

I LOVE life!

photo by ren   –   they love life too

I have always prided myself on having an ‘open mind’.
My journey has shown me,
we very much need to also have an ‘open heart’.

I believe, when your heart is leading the way
and you do what makes you happy,
you can’t go wrong.

We are meant to follow our joy. (you need to rethink that, adds ego)




  1. Great questions. In fact, my blog is a way for me to answer questions just like these. I used to wonder what the purpose of my life and even the purpose of this planet was if the sun is just going to blow up in five billion years. Nothing I do makes a difference in the grand scheme of things. Any traces we leave behind will disappear.

    But now I know how simple the answer is. Fortunately, we don’t exist in four dimensions. We only exist NOW, and this is the only moment that will ever matter. So live it to the fullest.

    Liked by 1 person

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