a guided encounter with ‘Tree Face’

I was living in northwestern Michigan.  Was a nice winter day.  Went for a walk, camera in hand.  Generally do not set out to take any certain kind of picture and allow the moment to come to me.

Have recently become accustomed to look for any ‘color’ objects to shoot, when winter walking.  Winters are so gray, lacking the flower blossoms, blue skies, birds, leaves on trees, sun.

Michigan winters deprive us of much needed sun.  Not only does that create a dismal scenic view, it generates depression in many. That provoked me to hunt for color in winter.  I wanted to eventually create a humorous and colorful winter photo album to share with the natives.

This day, I was not finding much to photograph.  The streets were grungy with sludge.  The winds off the lake were bitter cold.  Taking off mittens and managing my walking stick for shooting, took the fun out of things.  I was getting discouraged and cold.  Not to mention, dropping my mittens on numerous occasions.  Grateful it was not the camera each time.

I was heading home, when I dropped my mitten again.  As I stood from retrieving the mitten, I ‘felt guided’ to ‘Look Right There!’  When I did, ‘Tree Face’ and I met, face to face.

tree face

I had not seen a face on a tree before.  I did not know people ‘decorated’ their trees like this.  I thought I found me a tree who had grown a face (kidding) and we became friends for life (true).  It was this encounter, which stimulated my interest in tree watching.

Let me attempt to explain how I ‘felt guided’ to ‘Look Right There!’  As I was standing up from picking up my dropped mitten, I felt compelled to turn slightly to my right and to look at a designated spot as I rose.  As if someone had gently turned me in the right direction, guiding me as to where to look.  However, I was not physically ‘touched’. It was more of a ‘knowing’ or a ‘sensing’.

I cannot tell you how many times I had walked past ‘Tree Face’, not ever seeing the gray of his eyes.  And to have met him the way I did, was just one of several ‘guided’ encounters, as I continue ‘branching out’ in my world.



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