Has she gone out of her head?!?

People ask me, “How do you live intuitively?”

That is actually an unfair question for me – the How.

question bldg sign

I believe the human brain is not designed to ‘figure out HOW something is GOING TO HAPPEN”.

I believe the human brain is designed to tell us ‘HOW something HAS HAPPENED!

We knock ourselves out, trying to figure out the HOW.  I have come to believe that the How does not matter. Not really.

During my intuitive living, I have gotten away from ‘worrying’ about ‘HOW things will happen’. Instead, I determine what it is I desire and head for it.  I take whatever steps present themselves along the way, to achieve my desire.  You could say, I have “gone out of my head” and into my heart.

pink heart.JPG

You see, I ‘listen to my heart’. No, not the rhythmic beat, beat, beat. Perhaps it is more accurate to say I listen to my ‘heart center’ or ‘heart chakra’. When I say, I ‘listen to my heart’, I do not mean my ‘heart’. I mean a more . . . general location of the ‘heartfelt area’.

See if this helps:

When something touches you deeply, like a hippo saving a baby  gazelle from crocodiles… or newly born identical twins, when placed side by side, finding each other and embracing.  It is that feeling, that sensation . . . that is incorporated into my ‘intuitive living’.

And this brings me to, having Faith.  Having the Knowing that all is well. I feel it from my heart, for I have gone out of my head. And that will become another post, for another Now moment.




  1. Oh WOW, this is just amazing! The way you live, I alwayes wanted to adopt that kind of life style it is so mind opening and freeing (at least I see it like that). Sadly I am a little bit of coward. I really don’t think that you’ve “gone out of your head” on the contrary, I really think that this is the best way to lvie your life. You are really inspiring:)

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