do your Fireflies, look like my Lightning Bugs?

I saw my first firefly, at my new home, last night. How exciting! Growing up in Michigan, in the 1960’s, we sometimes called them lightning bugs. They are interesting critters that peak the curiosity of most all.

In the mid 1990’s, I was driving the back roads of western Michigan and took a “wrong turn” that landed me at a dead end road in the middle of huge open fields.  My “jaw hit the floor” as I gazed at the sight before me.

The fields were afloat with the glow of a gazillion fireflies. I had to get out of my car to fully experience and appreciate the creativeness of creation. I wanted to go and float amongst them.

Silent they were.

Breathtaking it was.

Words could not begin to touch upon the “other-worldliness” of that experience. I had no camera at the time. When I attempt to explain this experience to others, they do not begin to grasp the depth of what I witnessed. How could they?

And then ‘synchronicity’ stepped in and lead me to IACCIDENTLYATETHEWHOLETHING site. While there, I read Anisa’s post Firefly, and discovered that she recently had the same experience as I. And she had a camera – YAY!!

The pictures she took, you can view them here, are a mirror image of what I witnessed, two decades prior and 6500 miles (10,336 km) apart.  WOW! How stinkin’ cool is that?

Aside from the distance, the only difference was, she had trees; I had open fields….and I never entertained the thought, that my little firefly also lived on the other side of the world, until I read Anisa’s post. WOW, again! and thank you Anisa.



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