My ‘gut’ urged me to read it, really!

I almost did not read that post . . . Flowers in the river, yet my ‘gut’ was encouraging it.

I started to skim through it. . . . Oh, Oh!  It starts out with Shakespeare . . . . I am ignorant to much of Shakespeare.

So . . . . . . what is drawing me to this post?   Not the title . . . Not the Shakespeare.   The site name is intriguing . . . . PEOPLE VOODOO.

I GOT IT ! ! !

It was the author’s self-asked Shakespearean question of:

“Am I a writer, and if so, when did I become a writer?”

THAT hooked me!

By the time I was done exploring their entire site, I felt so energized by this author’s passion, I left this comment on their post, Flowers in the river.

 Wonderful Post! Fabulous Site!  And I feel you are a natural writer and creator. Your concept and presentation of People Voodoo is genius and exceptionally well done. I applaud you, standing ovation!

To ‘delete and re-write’ is a tool and you use it well. And I believe, when we create from our heart, with the beat of our passion (as you seem to be doing) then the concern of being misunderstood, eventually fades away. that is when the fun really begins. 🙂 My opinion.

Thank you for sharing your creation and I will be following you. ~Ren

Discovering this post has uplifted and encouraged me to continue following my passion. The timing was perfect.

Dolphin Grins to you,  PEOPLE VOODOO




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