he just HAD to forget the keys….


I set my project aside and went downstairs to bid him a good day.

As he headed out the door for work, I headed back upstairs.

Half way up the stairs, my ‘gut instinct’ grabbed me, turned me around and headed me back downstairs. I wanted to catch him to remind him of the text. When I originally came downstairs, I had interrupted his texting.

Just as I got to the kitchen table, he had come back in and we nearly collided, as he was reaching towards the table, for his keys.

He looked at me as if I was going to make fun of his ‘forgetfulness’.

The shaking of my head, assured him I was not, then I explained. “You had to come back for your keys, so I did not have to run after your car, to remind you of that text you stopped writing, when I had come downstairs.”

We both laughed. He thanked me for the reminder and we went our ways.

I love it when synchronicity occurs.

Isn’t life actually one big synchronistic dance?





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