How a tornado saved my life

I have never been on a roller-coaster. There is no desire, inside me, to ride a roller-coaster.

I so much do not want to ride a roller-coaster.

Came real close one time, nearly 20 years ago, at an amusement park on Lake Erie. This was a group outing and to this day, I do not understand why I said yes.

Before I knew it, we were standing in line for the roller-coaster.

I so much did not want to ride a roller-coaster.

The people in line ahead of me, were becoming fewer. Entry time to our ‘compartment’ was getting real close. Too close.

I so much did not want to ride a roller-coaster!

I might DIE !

Then it happened!

The Universe granted me my desire.

Tornado weather developed, temperatures dropped, winds whipped up, the air was filling with debris.

No more rides.
The park shut down.
We were all herded to a ‘safe’ area.

storm deciding.JPG
tornadic clouds roll in

The power went out and we were encouraged to remain seated.  Candles were brought to all the tables.

Then it became a whole new world, lit by little flickering flames.  My heart was warmed, as I observed the calm, caring interactions of all these ‘strangers’.

If there was fear at the start of the storm, it quickly vanished as we all seemed to meld into one. Everyone simply lived in the moment and accepted it for what it was.

The tornado warning lifted.  We were free to leave. The park would not reopen for that day. There would be no reimbursements of any kind.

That is okay, because I know that tornado saved my life and I learned just how powerful I really am!



  1. I can appreciate your concern – I went on a Roller Coaster in my late fifties or early sixties because no one else would get on the ride with my granddaughter. As we went round and round and up and down, I kept repeating to myself “What we’re you thinking?”
    Haven’t been on one since!

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