2012 wave #1: Follow Your Heart…

Originally posted June 7, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017


: 2012 wave #1
: 2012 wave #2

I have become a firm believer
in following your heart.
Have felt for a long time,
that the heart will guide you in life,
much smoother,
than the brain ever could.
(use your brain, whispers ego)

Just before I moved, in May of 2016,
I was shopping with g.ma and
found my perfect mug.

follow ur heart.JPGphoto by ren

Follow your heart and your horizon will have no limits
written on the outside
follow your heart
on the inside.

Over the course of time,
we are conditioned,
to listen to our brain
and not our heart.
(forget that ‘heart’ stuff, says ego)

As time goes on,
and years go by….
we generally develop regrets for
‘what we sh/could have done’ with our life.
(go with the brain, it simplifies life, shouts ego. )

and One day….
we look around

we are now
too old….
too worn down
….too tired
to bother with our dreams.
(dreams are for fairy tales, ego states)

And I know in my heart,
those times are changing.
(you’re delusional, says ego)

onion heart.JPGphoto by ren  –  onion heart on cutting board

Science research has been showing us:

  • the heart controls the brain, much more than we ever thought. Some researchers refer to the heart, as our “little brain”.
  • the heart communicates not only to the brain, but to our bodies also.
  • the heart emits much more electrical activity, than our brain.
  • the heart’s electromagnetic field is extremely strong.
  • and there is so much more that science research is discovering about our heart.

For many years, I have said,
“Follow your heart.
Let your heart guide the way”.

Then the time came for me to start
living it more  consciously.

I ‘consciously’set out on that journey in
the spring of 2012 and
I have not cared to look back or
even to think about regretting my steps
over these years.
(I’ll help you learn about regret, says ego)

I use to sit back in amazement at
where I have gone,
what I have done and
that  everything has
played out perfectly for me.

But anymore,
it has simply become,
my new normal.

photo by ren

I truly look forward to sharing
my heart-guided travels with you.
(not if I can help it…chimes ego)

I see you have already met ego!

…that nagging inner part of me,
that wants to keep me
confined to a

Ego does NOT like happy!

Ego does NOT want me
to discover
more of
who I really am….

photo and creation by ren

Ego does NOT want me
to discover
show others,
just how simple
life is meant to be.

Perhaps what I share,
will make a positive difference in your world.
I would love that.
(STOP with the positive crap! shouts ego)

to be continued,



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