Drifting along

many blues
Catching a breeze…..

“Drifting along” does describe this new blogging adventure of mine. Am learning new things along the way and everything is falling into place, as I go from one topic to another.

Blogging and building a website, are things I have not done before … which is why I am here.

It’s not just creating the ‘sites’ that is new to me…. and I am so grateful for WordPress and not needing html. (Talk about great timing on my part, yes?)

It is the whole concept of ‘following’, ‘liking’, ‘commenting’, etc…. those actions are also somewhat new to me.

I choose to stay away from social media.

I did ‘dabble’ in social media for a couple years, maybe ten years ago.  A baby boomer social media site.

It was fun!

I made friends, some of whom have become very good friends to this day. So, I did benefit from that social media experience.

To be honest, I got real tired of the drama.  At that time, I was consciously eliminating the stress and drama from my personal life.

It was becoming counter-productive to go online and get smacked with other peoples drama. So I ‘walked’ away from social media, with no desire to enter back into it.

Until recently, when I opened this door to the blogging world.






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