Welcome to my first…..

Why am I blogging?

~~ To learn what it is all about, and if it is a fit for me.

~~ So I stop talking about learning to blog, and get out of my comfort zone.

Long ago, when blogging was becoming popular, I believed that people who spent their time reading/writing blogs, had too much time on their hands. I figured blogging was a fad that would soon pass.

And who was I to judge?

I did not even know what a blog was.  I tried reading a few and hooking up with a “feed ” or three and I knew it was a waste of my time….. the whole blogging thing felt/feels foreign to me. That is why I am blogging… to learn. To take off my blinders and find out if I want to blog, is why I am blogging.

I will soon be starting the sixth decade of my life and I know it will be the best decade yet. I have always had a love for writing.  What better way to open a new door in my world, then to simply go and open the new door…..  And here I am! I will learn along the way, what it is I will be blogging about.

My blinders are off.





  1. You just have to go take everyday as it comes. I’m pretty new to blogging also. A great piece of advise I got was if it feels like a chore take a break and come back when your more excited about it. I find it really works for me. Have fun. Happy blogging..

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